1. Pay the membership fee of P100.00;
  2. Pay the minimum share capital of P1,200.00 or its paid-up capital (1/4 of its subscribed capital) with the obligation to pay the remaining balance which will be included in the electric bills;
  3. To pay the electric bills promptly;
  4. To attend the assembly meetings;
  5. To comply with the By-laws and Rules and Regulations of the Cooperative;
  6. To promote the objectiveness of the Cooperative and the Cooperative movement as a whole.
  1. Free kilowatt-hour meter to residential applicants;
  2. Free service drop wire to residential applicants up to 30 meters;
  3. Granting Lifeline Rate Discount to residential consumers consuming not more than 35 kilowatt-hour per month;
  4. Granting of Discount to deserving senior citizens;
  5. Giving scholarship to deserving of poor member-consumers;
  6. Giving of Dividend and Patronage Refund should there be net savings for the year.
A member-customer-owner focused electric cooperative providing efficient, quality and reliable service consistent with mandated standards.
An internationally-certified electric cooperative admired for its exemplary performance, modern technology and poverty alleviating social programs by 2024.
Telephone No. : 433-2001
Globe Mobile No. : 09175532836
Smart Mobile No. : 09989937849
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