Two Sources of Black Out

    Blackout may happen due to mechanical or electrical defect of the generator.

  2. PALECO Distribution Lines

    Blackout may occur when foreign objects touches the power lines. This may bust the cut-out fuse, or a device called sectionalizer/oil circuit recloser automatically cuts-off, causing power failure to the affected area.

Two Types of Blackout
  1. Scheduled Blackout

    It is being announced/aired in advance through local radio stations and other means of communication. This comes when linemen doing some repair and maintenance work in the power lines. Power shut-off is necessary to prevent accident.

  2. Unscheduled Blackout

    It might occur anytime without advance notice, Sometimes, it happened during peak load hours.

Two Kinds of Blackout
  1. Zoning/Partial Blackout

    No power in a certain place/area.

  2. Total Blackout

    No power in all places/areas

Causes of Blackout
  1. Fire and Floods
  2. Lack of Power Supply
  3. Trees and Vegetation
  4. Scheduled Partial & Total Black-outs
  5. Sabotage and Pilferages
  6. Man-made Accidents
  7. Thunderstorm and Typhoons
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