Load Duration

There are two typical load profiles in the main grid of the franchise area covered by PALECO, weekday and weekend. Baseload from 12MN until 8AM are similar for weekend and weekdays. However, transition from baseload to peakload differs. During weekdays, increase in load happens around 8:30AM reaching the 15MW level. While during weekends, increase in load does not happen until 9:30AM reaching the 15MW level around 10AM. Contrasting characteristics are also noticeable during the peak hours; 20MW level is reached almost 2 hours after the increase in load during weekdays. On the other hand, during weekends, the 20MW level is not reached until around 6PM. Weekday's peak load plateaus between 10AM and 10PM, while weekends peak plateaus between 12PM and 6PM, then climbs to another level starting at 6PM. The maximum load observed is around 25MW. Lastly, the decline in demand, which starts at 10PM, is similar in all days.

Figure 4 Typical Weekend Actual Load vs Generation Dispatch

Figure 5 Typical Weekend Load Duration Curve

Figure 6 Typical Weekday Actual Load vs Generation Dispatch

Figure 7 Typical Weekday Load Duration Curve

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