Electricity Demand

Puerto Princesa City is the main contributor in PALECO's energy sales and demand having a total of 69%. The table below shows the energy sales and demand of each distribution system. Narra distribution system starts from Barangay Inagawan in the southern part of Puerto Princesa City. It also includes the Municipalities of Aborlan, Narra, Quezon and portion of Sofronio Española. While, Brooke's Point distribution system covers the Municipalities of Brooke's Point, Bataraza and part of Sofronio Española. Further, Cuyo distribution system supplies the whole island comprises of Cuyo and Magsaysay.

PALECO's total system loss for all the distribution systems as of December 2015 is 9.52% which is lesser than the allowable 13% set by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) for all electric cooperatives.

Table 2 Energy Sales and Demand
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